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1. Please, submit you're art in correct folder. If you don't know where submit, please, ask in comments or in note.

2. You can submit 3 works in day.

3. Don't submit indecent (Sexual, erotic themes and etc.) art. Because your kind admin hate this themes It's not good

4. Don't submit art with strong language.

5. Please, if you submit sketches, submit it in folder "sketches"

Good luck bronies :3
Nightmare-M00n and Raptor-88


Group friends :)

Gallery Folders

Twilight Sparkle
frame The Chronicles of Equestria I by gign-3208
Crazy Chibi Twilight Sparkle by alexmakovsky
The Chronicles of Equestria (English version) by gign-3208
Fog by gign-3208
Rainbow Dash
I can't find the coin slot by snakeman1992
Queen of the universe by snakeman1992
Hungry Dash meme by snakeman1992
Dashie wants pastries by snakeman1992
RARITY SAYS HEY by nsaiuvqart
Rarity Gala Portrait by KP-ShadowSquirrel
Rarity New YouTube Background by nsaiuvqart
Rarity Night Gala by Hahli1994
On the train by gign-3208
Fluttershy by AmethystHorn
Fluttershy Mist Wallpaper by nsaiuvqart
Fluttershy Typography by nsaiuvqart
Appleghost by snakeman1992
Applejack Mist Wallpaper by nsaiuvqart
AppleJack by 14-bis
AppleJack Sketch by SuperKingC777
Pinkie Pie
Equestria's Most Wanted-Pinkamena by snakeman1992
Pinkie Pie is watching you by snakeman1992
Pinkie Pie Mist Wallpaper by nsaiuvqart
Cotton Candy Hair by johnjoseco
Derpy Hooves and Dinky
Derpy Glow Outline by nsaiuvqart
Controlled Burn by Arrkhal
Derpy Hooves by alexmakovsky
Princess Celestia
Overheat by DiscordTheTrollest
- Sisters As Night And Day - by Yiuokami
Time To make some Magic by Amenoo
When the Sun Meets the Sky by Enma-Darei
Princess Luna
Princess Luna is sleeping angel by alexmakovsky
Luna in the night sky by AmethystHorn
MyLittleLuna by drmambo199
Nightmare Moon
Nightmare Moon by KirikD
Year of discord by Janji009
Cutie Mark Crussaders
Equestria's Most Wanted-CMC by snakeman1992
Other characters
Vinyl Scratch Mist Wallpaper by nsaiuvqart
Original Characters
Commission: KandiiPanda [1] by Virizionn
Gol D Surprise by KillKatt
Sketches and WIPs
Many characters
Blushing is magic by Janji009
Anthro and Human


frame The Chronicles of Equestria I by gign-3208
Spitfire by Vexor-The-Unchosen
Dr.Whooves X Lyra by Vexor-The-Unchosen
Bathing by gign-3208
Mane 6 characters
Royalty of Equestria
Other canon characters
Well, i leave DA.
But don't worry, this group will remain open.
And new founder will be RaptoR-88
Congratulations <3
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Советую сделать категорию "Queen Chrysalis", ибо новый персонаж.
RaptoR-88 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
Не умею.
Nightmare-M00n Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
здрасьте... всё точно так же как в галлерее в аккаунте. т.е. кнопка "add folder"
RaptoR-88 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2012
до свидания, понятно
Nightmare-M00n Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
+ Категорию "princess Cadence" и "Shining armor", тоже новые персы х3
yourladydark Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Where would a human group of ponies go?
Which folder?
Nightmare-M00n Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I add this folder. There's name "anthro and human"
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